Role: Animation & File Building
In the Summer of 2022 I worked remotely as an animation intern for the visual learning app Imprint (previously Lucid), doing file organization and animation. I worked under the lead animator and communicated regularly with the rest of the creative team. This included illustrators, writers, and the Creative Director.
Self Compassion - written by Olivia Kang
Self Compassion is piece that I concepted, illustrated, and animated as a solo project. The chapter-long book was published on the Imprint app in July 2022. Above is a render of the animations that played in-app, changing and moving as people clicked to the next slide.
Here is a batch of sketches that were changed before reaching the final version. Whether they were in need of a few final tweaks or headed in the wrong direction altogether, these frames were changed or scrapped before reaching an Illustrator artboard.
Final Sketches: 
Here is a selection of finalized sketches done for the chapter, which I designed and finalized with input from the writer. 

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