Red Square Workshop - Kasumi
This was the result of a 3 hour workshop with the multi media artist Kasumi. The task at hand was to create something engaging, dynamic, purposeful, and colorful in After Effects. The only requirement was that I had to to start on the same frame of a 300 x 300 px red square, and be 10 seconds long. It was great to loosen up and play around with AE, while being prompted to use lots of intense colors and visuals. This made it different than what I normally get to do, but enjoyable. 
My clip was compiled with the work of everyone else from the workshop and shown in a gallery exhibition with Kasumi's work. I chose to put this song in the background because I was listened to it a few times on loop while creating this video, and thought it ended up fitting well.
song: Please Don't Go- Mike Posner
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