The Fantasy World of MOME
A collaborative piece with Shivani Varandani for my Motion Media Concepts class. The  assignment was to create a video that could teach the viewer about the discipline of Motion Media Design, ideally to be shown at SCAD days (to garner interest in the major from people who do not know about it). We chose to create a fantastical and engaging "World of Motion Media Design", where the viewer would be taken on a journey through a broad variety of styles, colors, and scenes. It was a grand concept, and we wasted no time to excitedly  begin planning. This piece required many hours of calling, brainstorming, peer review, and pushing my own stylistic limits, but turned out to be one of the most rewarding projects I have  done for a class.
I was in charge of the crystal cave scene, the submarine interior and exterior scenes, black and white shapes scene, and editing everything together. 

During the summer, we worked with Sound Design major  Lilian Leme Correa to polish the audio. Her excellent work brought the piece to the next level and collaborating with another major is something I will definitely continue to do for my future projects.
Here is some of the progress from the piece:
The first step was a moodboard, where we started solidifying our concept aesthetically and began discussing the shots that we wanted to include.
The next step was thumbail sketches. We had already made documents to plan out the sequence of scenes, but needed visuals to smooth everything out and visualize transitions better. I did the first page of the sketches and Shivani did the second.
Below are some WIP frames of different scenes and assets for those scenes.
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