Role: Visual Jockey (VJ)
During the annual Alys Beach Digital Graffiti event in 2023, I was the primary Visual Jockey (VJ) for the event's two large evening parties. This entailed making my own loops, binding controls to the launchpad (Akia APC40), and curating a real-time visual performance alongside the DJ.

It was incredible seeing live reactions to my work while combining my love for music, art, and technology. The level of complete audience immersion that I witnessed over that weekend was something absolutely unparalleled and I was honored to be a part of the event alongside artists from across the country!
Event Curator & Advisor
John Colette

Additional Footage
Tzu Kai Lin
Aanvik Singh

Other VJs (in order)
Libby Nett
Hannah Messner
Josie Glassman

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