Role: Conference Director
CoMotion is a student-led motion graphics conference that brings together top industry professionals with Motion Media Design students at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The event includes a keynote speech, panel discussions, the annual curated and juried Student Showcase, 1-on-1 portfolio reviews, and an award ceremony.

I was the Conference's Director for CoMotion 2023, alongside my MOMELove (SCAD's official Motion Media Design academic club) Co-President Alex Marca- here are some of the highlights:
Branding Team
Branding Team Basics: Though MOMELove runs the event's technical side, CoMotion would not be possible (or beautiful) without the hard work of our Branding Team. The CoMotion Branding Team is a group of students that creates all of the graphic design, animation, signage, and other deliverables for the event.

My Role: As Co-President, I approved and gave feedback for all deliverables made by the 36-member CoMotion 2023 branding team, working closely with the team's Creative Director, Art Director, and 2 Producers.
Branding Team: 

Creative Director - Aanvik Singh
Art Director- Marly Koven
Producers- Rachel Golla & Alexis Dow

(full Branding Team credits listed at the bottom of this page)
Portfolio Reviews​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Review Rundown: Every year, MOMELove hosts portfolio reviews on both days of the CoMotion conference. During these sessions, students are matched with industry attendees to review 1-on-1 so that they may receive feedback on their work, make connections, and gain real experience interviewing. 

Practice Reviews: CoMotion 2023 was the first year back from quarantine, so we collaborated with SCAD CAS (the Career Alumni Success office) to offer practice portfolio reviews for the students to get them used to in-person interviews. These reviews allowed for students who lacked necessary experience to review their work in a curated environment and set their best foot forward during CoMotion.
My Role: The MOMELove officers organized and managed the entire portfolio review sorting process. This included documenting and facilitating professorial matchups of companies with students, scheduling reviews with no overlap, and sending out correspondence to both companies and students so that they may know their matchups ahead of time.
The Student Showcase
The Showcase: The CoMotion Student Showcase is a collection of the best student work, broken into 11 categories that fall under either "Design" or "Motion". The work displayed was selected by SCAD MOME professors, then made into a presentation. 

Showcase Voting:
The nominees for each category were presented on day 1 of CoMotion. After the presentation, attending companies got to vote for their choices from each category. That night, the votes were counted and a winner presentation was made. The next day, the winners for each category were announced and all winners received custom engraved trophies.

Marvelous MCs: CoMotion had 2 wonderful Masters of Ceremony during the Student Showcase, who read off all of the names of the nominees and category titles. These students were selected from a round of informal auditions, being chosen by the MOMELove Student Showcase Team.

My Role: I directed and organized the creation of the 2023 CoMotion Student Showcase- this included managing and curating submissions, collecting professor nominations, counting ballots, assembling the presentation, organizing trophy engraving, and selecting/preparing the event's MCs. The Student Showcase team was comprised of myself and 4 other MOMELove Officers. 
MOMELove Student Showcase Team: 
Cora Keene
Maria Chiuz
Tucker Ziegler
Peter Wang
Fatema Sultan

CoMotion 2023 Showcase MCs: 
Nolan Acosta
Hannah Ford
2023 CoMotion Full Credits (MOMELove & Branding Team)


Cora Keene
Alexandera Marca

Vice Presidents:
Lauren Neu
Shivani Varandani

Treasurer: Fatima Sultan

Ambassador: Claire Lin

Merchandise: Tucker Ziegler

ICC Liason: Peter Wang

Social Media Team: 
Maria Chuiz
Harshitha Suresh
Samantha Woods

Branding Team:

Creative Director: Aanvik Singh
Art Director: Marly Koven

Alexis Dow
Rachel Golla

Graphic Design Team:
Team Lead: Josie Glassman
Meghna Shourie
Nicole Lin
Punasa Sihsobhon (Bee)
Sophia D'Alleva
Stephanie Sandoval
Claire Lin

Animation Team:
Team Lead: Desmond Du
Cathy Lin
Erica Kim
Harshitha Suresh
Isabelle Kalyn Winarto
Kyle Samuel Switzer
Meg Aki

Design Team:
Team Lead: Tiffany Lo
Antara Ghosh
Jessica Liou
Xiyuan Wang
Tiffany Tedy
Peter Wang
Xinxun Liao
Yining Li

Experiential Team:
Team Lead: Samantha Wood
Juan Pablo Silhy
Alyssa Mackersie
Meghan Romance

Web Team:
Belle Duffner
Amadeus Cameron

Documentation Team:
Team Lead: Libby Nett
Caitlin Crooker
Savitri Trivedi

Sound Designer:
Miguel Concha

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